How to join Nelson South Swimming Club


Are you ready to join one of Nelson's top sporting teams?

At Nelson South Swimming Club, not only will you get a top quality swim coaching program, but also the chance to meet new people, travel and develop friendships for life!

Every swimmer's development is important to us.  Our Head Coach, Glen Findlay, is available directly at to discuss your swimmer's progress and answer any queries you might have.  Appointments are also set up on a regular basis so parents have the opportunity to talk to Glen face-to-face.

Our program is split into a Summer Season that runs from October to April (approximately) and is based predominantly at Hampden Street School Pool.  This is followed by a 2 week compulsory rest and regeneration period, which is followed by the Winter Season from May to October.  Our winter season is based out of Riverside Pool.


Join Nelson South - Book an assessment today!

  1. Book an appointment to have your swimmer assessed by a Senior Coach.  This can be done by contacting our  Secretary via email at .  Once assessed, your swimmer will be told which squad is the best starting point.
  2. Your swimmer is entitled to a one-week trial to ensure they are happy.  During this time, please come along to as many sessions as you wish to meet our coaches and other swimmers.
  3. Once your trial is over, and your swimmer is happy to join the club, our Secretary will be in touch to complete the necessary paperwork.  And that's it!  Easy as 1-2-3


How much does it Cost?

The club year runs from 1 July to 30 June.  A pro-rata rate will apply if you join partway through the year.  Squad fees are paid monthly by Automatic Payment.

Annual Membership:  
Individual membership $120.00 per annum
Family membership $190.00 per annum
Squad Fees:  
National squad $150.00 per month
Gold squad $141.50 per month
Silver squad $121.00 per month
Bronze squad $80.75 per month
Seahorses $80.75 per month