Club Membership - What does it involve?


Club membership is for a full year, from 1 July to 30 June.  The Club offers individual and family memberships.  

As a Club member you are able to participate in Nelson South Club Nights and the Nelson South Club Champs held at Hampden Street Pool.  You can also participate in local meets hosted by other clubs in the region (see Calendar for details).  Swimmers have access to regular coaching and training. Separate squad fees to cover coaching and lane hire are charged monthly.

As a Club member there are also some responsibilities.  You are expected to contribute to the Club to help us keep costs down.  We don't expect everyone to contribute to everything (although some do!) but examples of how you can help are:

  • Giving time to working bees - these are usually at the start of the summer season, and are associated with getting the pools ready for swimming. These are fun occasions where many hands do indeed make light work.
  • Assisting with fundraising - we run regular bbqs and/or a cafe at meets held at Hampden Street Pool and have also held movie nights and raffles.  The committee is always open to good fundraising suggestions!
  • Joining the committee - not an onerous task as long as there are good number of committee members!  The Club's AGM is held at the end of July.  Please talk to a current committee member if this interests you.
  • Being an official at swimming events.  Most parents/caregivers start out as timekeepers and some progress on to become a Team Manager, a Marshall, an Inspector of Turns (IOT), a Chief Timekeeper, a Starter, or even a Referee.  Swimming is a sport that requires a large number of officials.  A standard event with 6 lanes requires a Referee, 2 Stroke Judges, 18 Timekeepers, 1 Chief Timekeeper, 1 Starter, 4 IOT's and a Marshall.  As well, there is always a Recorder - a total of 29 officials!