Warming up

Swim as One,
Grow Together

Uniting Passion and Progress in Every Squad.

Each level is crafted to build upon the last, ensuring a comprehensive
and progressive development path for young swimmers in your club.


1. Talent ID Squad

Swimmers aged 8 - 10yrs (depending on ability) move into the Talent Squad start to engage more seriously with swimming techniques. Coaches work on refining strokes and introducing elements of competitive swimming in a still-playful environment. Swimmers develop greater endurance and start to understand the basics of swimming as a sport. There's a focus on individual progress and setting personal goals.

Focused points:

  • Technique refinement for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke
  • Introduction to competitive swimming elements like racing starts and turns
  • Endurance building through longer swimming distances
  • Regular feedback and goal-setting sessions
Kick-board race
Backstroke Swimmer

2. JAG Squad

The JAG (Junior Age Group) Squad is where swimmers aged 9 - 12yrs (depending on ability) start focusing more on competitive aspects of swimming. Training includes advanced techniques and starts to incorporate elements like race strategy and mental preparation. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in swim meets, fostering a competitive spirit and camaraderie among teammates.

Focused points:

  • Advanced stroke techniques and efficiency
  • Race strategies and mental preparation for competition
  • Participation in local swim meets and competitions
  • Team-building activities and peer support

3. Youth Squad

The Youth Squad is tailored for swimmers aged 11 - 15yrs (depending on ability) committed to competitive success. Training becomes more rigorous, with a focus on fine-tuning techniques for all four strokes, improving turns and starts, and developing race strategies. Swimmers must meet specific time standards to progress, encouraging a high level of dedication and self-motivation.

Focused points:

  • Intensive training sessions focusing on technique, speed, and endurance
  • Time trials and meeting specific time standards for progression
  • Advanced race strategy and mental toughness training
  • Participation in regional and national level competitions
Warming up
National Squad

4. National Squad

The National Squad represents the elite level of the swim club. Training is intensely focused on achieving peak performance. Swimmers can age from 12yrs and up in this group and are expected to show exceptional dedication, participating in high-level competitions and consistently striving to improve. The training is designed not just for physical excellence but also for developing mental resilience and strategic thinking.

Focused points:

  • Elite-level training regimes for maximum performance
  • Participation in national and international competitions
  • Advanced mental conditioning and strategic planning
  • Leadership development and mentorship opportunities within the club