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Swimming Meets

A flier is produced for each meet which contains all the relevant information for that meet.  Meet fliers are posted on our website under the Calendar.  Please check our website regularly for a list of upcoming swimming meets, entry deadlines, updates and more information.

Meet Entry Process:

Information on how to enter a meet will be included in the Meet Flier.  Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) has a membership database which allows entries to be submitted online.  In order to access this facility, each swimmer needs to set up a FastLane on the SNZ website.  Please contact the Club Recorder for assistance to do this.

Online Entries:

Online entries are done via the SNZ membership database and can be accessed via FastLane on the SNZ website.  Payment is made using a credit card at the time of entering.  Once your entries have been submitted, please email your Club Recorder at recorder@nelsonsouthswimming.org.nz to advise who your swimmer's nominated timekeeper or official is.  The Meet Flier will include any other information you might need regarding entries including the entry due date.

How to do Online Entries

Entries for Club Nights and Club Champs:

When Club Nights and Club Champs are fully officiated meets, entries will be submitted online using the SNZ database.  Entry fees are usually collected in cash on the night but the meet flier will have full details.

Entries for fun Club Nights are to be done through the Nelson South Club Recorder.  Our Club Recorder gathers all the entries, adds the swimmer's best times for each event they have entered and sets up the meet.  The closing date for these meets will be posted on our website when the fliers are listed.  Late entries and entries without entry fees will not be accepted.

To Enter Fun Club Nights:

  1. Check the meet flier on the Nelson South website and select the events you wish to enter - you may wish to discuss the events to enter with your coach.
  2. Email your entries to the NSSC Club Recorder at recorder@nelsonsouthswimming.org.nz BEFORE the entry deadline.
  3. Include a nominated timekeeper or official with your entries
  4. Entry fees are normally payable in cash during warm-up - but full details will be listed on the meet flier.

Parent Participation at Meets:

It is common practice for a host club to ask that each swimmer/family provide a timekeeper (or official) so that the meet can comply with SNZ Meet Approval Regulations.  When entries are completed online, there is a box you can "tick" if you are available to volunteer (that is, timekeep or officiate).  Please remember that without volunteers, clubs will not be able to run meets - so it's important that all parents lend a hand to help out.

During the year Nelson South also hosts a number of meets, both at Hampden Street Pool in summer and at ASB in winter.  The club relies on parents to help to ensure our meets are run successfully.  Assistance may take the form of help in any one or more of the following areas:

  • Timekeeping or other official
  • Kitchen or catering duty
  • Set-up and set-down of the pool
  • Marshalling and team management

These are not difficult tasks if spread amongst many.  Volunteering in these ways is a great way to be supportive of your swimmer, as well as the club, and ensures that meets run to schedule and finish on time.